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We are Committed

To Your Health

Will My Insurance Cover Home Health Services

Home health can be covered 100% by Medicare and Medicaid. Part of the admission process includes verification of insurance. We can help answer your financial and insurance questions.


Excellus Home Health Care

As a home care provider, we want you to trust us with your personal and health needs.

Who We Are

We proudly provide home care services to individuals with disabilities, injuries, difficulties with mobility, or chronic and complex healthcare needs.

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Our Services

Please take advantage of our services today, which are all designed to help our clients achieve overall wellness.

To execute our mission, we offer various non-medical home care services that are made specifically to meet your health and personal needs. Our team of professional caregivers are ready to assist you with your daily routine.


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What is medical care?

Medical care is prescribed by a physician, and the care is provided by a licensed professional such as a nurse or physical therapist. Visits are brief, task-oriented and are covered by most payers, including Medicare/ Medicaid, for a short period of time. This is often ordered after a surgical procedure, hospitalization, or after discharge from a nursing home.

Is my doctor involved?

Yes. Our clinical team will work with you and your doctor to get the best possible results.

How long will someone come to care for me?

That depends on what you, your caregiver, your physician, and the payer.

I don’t want to go to a nursing home, can you help me stay at home?

Yes. We have options to care for you, as long as you are safe, while you remain at home. We can also help you and your loved ones make choices that are best for you.

What if I just need someone to help with chores in my home?

We can arrange for homemakers to assist with light housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry. We also have personal care providers to help with more hands-on care.

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Book an Appointment Today!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a staff member at one of our specialty centers, please call one of the numbers on this site. Please note that it may require a home assessment from one of our qualified nurses. Our patient service representatives at our offices can assist you in the process.